The Lakes

Welcome to the Lakes page. Here is brief summary of our lakes.

Millers Lake (1)

Millers Lake (1) Carp

Millers Lake (with swim)

Millers Lake (with swim)

Millers – This is our specimen Carp Lake with 50 + fish up to 30Lbs. We have seven swims which can accommodate up to 9 anglers. There are currently 5 generous purpose made woodchip swims, and 2 grass swims. The whole  lake may be booked for a 24 hour period. Please see Match and Lake Bookings for details.
Foresters Lake (1)

Foresters Lake (1) Mixed Coarse

Foresters – This is our well established mixed coarse lake, with a good head of good size Roach, Tench, Bream, Chub, Perch, and of course good size Carp. We have six wooden platforms, with two that are double width with a hard standing path for access. The other swims are all woodchip.
Ashford Lake (1)

Ashford Lake (1) Currently Carp

Ashford – This is our second mixed coarse and match lake. There are 20+ 10lb plus Carp already in the lake along with Roach and Perch, and a stocking of 6,000+ F1 Carp and 300+ Chub, the lake is perfect for matches. New platforms have been installed around the lake creating 24 swims. Please contact us direct to discuss lake bookings.

Willow Lake (1) Trout

Willow – This is our main Trout lake for fly fishing only. A range of tickets are available for those wanting to take their fish. The lake has fishing platforms, giving plenty of opportunity to move around the lake. The  large Trout Catch & Release has been relocated from Meadow to one of our larger stock ponds, with easy access near Willow.
Meadow Lake (1) C&R

Meadow Lake (1) Recently upgraded to Carp 

Meadow – We have recently announced that this lake has been changed to our new Carp Lake. We have initially stocked the lake with 70+ 4-10lb VS Fisheries Carp, and some 10lb+ carp will go in later in the year. The platforms have already been upgraded, and include 2 double swims and 9 singles. A new parking area is under development for easier access.
View a map of our site provided in brochure from the link below:
Narborough Fisheries Brochure and Lake Map