Match & Lake Bookings

For bookings on our Match Lake Ashford, please contact us by email or telephone. We have 24 pegs available, and keep nets and landing nets will be provided. All the pegs have easy mostly level access, suitable for any wheelchair user, and the modern toilet block is within a 100 meters, where a disabled toilet is available. The peg fee is £8 per person, and to have exclusive use of the lake you should have a minimum of 15 fishing, or pay a minimum fee of £120 for weekdays, or £135 for weekends. Under that quantity we reserve the right to have other fishermen using the lake.

We do not take individual bookings on the lakes, but you can book the whole lake on a daily basis including Millers for 24 hours. Bookings for the lakes start from 8am, regardless of the time you wish to arrive, and the end of the 24 hour period will be 8am the following day. A day ticket will be required if you wish to carry on fishing on the final day.

Price for Millers is £144pn for 24 hours midweek (Mon-Thurs), and £180pn for 24 hours at weekends (Fri – Sat -Sun). We do not take bookings over Bank Holiday weekends.

If you would like to book a Match or enquire about any of our Lakes, please call on 01760 338005 for details. For Match Rules, please see below:-

Forthcoming Lake Bookings and Match dates for 2018

Ashford     Sunday 16th December – (Dereham & District A. C.)

2018 Completed Matches with result where given:

Completed – Ashford     Sunday 15th April – (Docking Angling Club) – Winner:  John – 94lbs 3oz

Completed – Ashford     Saturday 21st April – (Neil Copping – Harvey Jones Kitchens) – Winner: Rob Smith – 169lbs 8oz

Ashford     Tuesday 24th April – (Phil’s Old Boys) – Winner: Mario – 73lbs 7oz

Ashford    Tuesday 8th May – (Norfolk Police Fishing Club) – Winner: D Ringwood – 125lbs 4oz

Ashford     Wednesday 9th May – 4 – 7pm – (St Clement’s High School) Whole Lake – Winner: Liam – 97lbs 12oz in 2 1/2 hours.

Ashford     Friday 11th May – 1pm – 4.30pm – (King Edward School) Whole Lake

Millers     Saturday 12th May – (Private Booking 24 hours) Best fish caught – 28lb 5oz

Ashford     Monday 14th May – (KES) 4pm – 7pm Inter Schools Regional Match – Winner St Clements with 109lbs 13ozs

Millers     Friday & Saturday 18/19th May – (Private Booking 48 hours)

Willow    Saturday 26th May – TROUTMASTERS FISH OFF from 10am – Winner: Richard Winser 10 Trout for 21lb 8oz, Second: Steve Clarke 9 Trout for 20lb 12oz

Ashford     Sunday 27th May – (Docking Angling Club) – Winner: Paul Laing – 69lb 2oz

Ashford     Saturday 2nd June – (Bespak Sports Club) All Day

Ashford     Friday 22nd June – (KES Academy) 1pm – 4.30pm

Ashford     Saturday 23rd June – (Fenmen) Winner: Tom Cockle – 105lb 6oz, Second: Steve Locke – 100lb 14oz

Ashford     Sunday 24th June – (Dereham & District A. C.) Winner:  N Paske – 128lb 1oz, Second: S Baldwin – 119lb 1oz 

Ashford     Sunday 8th July – (Fakenham Angling Club) Winner: Stuart Steade – 107lb 7oz, Second: Dave 96lb 1oz

Ashford     Sunday 22nd July – (Wisbech St Mary) Winner: Tony Brooks – 114lb 14oz, Second: Simon Wakefield 82lb 2oz

Ashford     Sunday 29th July – (Docking Angling Club) Winner:  Winner: Paul – 69lb 3oz, Second – John – 65lb 1oz

Ashford     Wednesday 1st August – (Codgers Angling Club) Winner: Stan Baldwin – 118lb 11oz, Second: Graham Kettle – 102lb 10oz 

Ashford     Saturday  4th August – (Manufacturing Work Club)  Winner: James Hadingham – 163lb 11oz, Second: Rob Smith  – 154lb 8oz

Ashford    Tuesday 4th September – (Phil’s Old Boys) From 8am  Winner: Bob – 84lb 11oz, Second: Colin – 69lb 10oz

Ashford    Sunday 9th September – (London Porter House AC)  Winner: Colin Jacka – 59lb 1oz, Second: Paul Butler = 55lb 6oz

Ashford     Saturday  15th September – (Manufacturing Work Club) Winner: James Hadington – 99lb 6oz, Second: Robert Smith – 92lb 13oz

Ashford     Sunday 23rd September – (Dereham & District A. C.) Winner:  Stuart Steade – 113lb 13oz  , Second: Neil Paske – 103lb 02oz

Ashford     Sunday 30th September – (Fakenham Angling Club) – Winner: Stuart Steade – 89lb 06oz, Second: Dave – 64lb 11oz

Ashford     Sunday 28th October – (Dereham & District A. C.) Winner: Stuart Steade – 111lb 7oz, Second: John Laskey – 104lb 11oz, Third: Stan Baldwin – 104lb 8oz, Fourth: P Gilding – 103lb 14oz

Ashford     Sunday 2nd December – (Dereham & District A. C.) Winner: Neil Pask – 92lb 9oz, Second:  John Laskey – 78lb 9oz, Third: P Gilding – 69lb 8oz

Forthcoming Lake Bookings and Match dates for 2019

Ashford     Saturday 6th April – (Fenman KLAC)

Ashford     Saturday 11th May – (Metal Box AC)

Ashford     Sunday 2nd June – (JR Summer League)

Ashford     Wednesday 12th June – (Reel People A C)

Ashford     Sunday 23rd June – (JR Summer League)

Ashford     Sunday 7th July- (JR Summer League)

Ashford     Sunday 14th July – (Dereham & District A C)

Ashford     Sunday 28th July – (JR Summer League)

Ashford     Sunday  4th August  – (Wisbech St Mary)

Ashford     Sunday  11th August  – (Fakenham Angling Club)

Ashford     Sunday 25th August – (Peter Greenwood)

Ashford     Sunday 22nd September – (Dereham & District A C)

Ashford     Sunday 29th September – (Fakenham A C)

Ashford     Sunday 27th October – (Dereham & District A C)

Ashford     Sunday 24th November – (Fakenham A C)

Ashford     Sunday 1st December – (Dereham & District A C)

Narborough Fisheries Match Rules

Please be aware parts of the Lake have nearby overhead High Voltage electrical cables, and extra safety measures should be considered when in this area.

Fishing from Platforms only.

Fishing boundaries are halfway in between the swims either side and opposite you.

Maximum Pole length 16m. (No floating poles)

Barbless Hooks only. (Maximum size 12)

Free running leads and feeders only (no elasticised or fixed leads, feeders & method feeders).

All lines must have a bomb, feeder or float attached.

All fish (regardless of size) must be landed with a landing net.

Only Keepnets and Landing nets provided by the fishery are allowed.

Un-hooking mats must be used when placing fish on the ground.

All fish must be placed and not dropped or thrown into the keepnets.

No Carp over 10Lb in keepnets (must be weighed in by Fishery Staff or Match Organiser).

Only 1 Kilo of groundbait per angler. Any left over to be taken home or put in the bins provided, and not in the lake.

Only 2 normal sized tins of Luncheon meat (or similar) per angler.

No Cat or Dog food.

Only 1 Pint of non-fishery pellets per angler (an additional 2 Pints from the Fishery shop are allowed)

All litter to be taken home, or left in bins provided.