Please note the following rules are for the benefit of everyone coming to Narborough Fisheries. The rules are not exhaustive, and will be adapted and changed as situations arise. If there are any additions you feel we should incorporate, please let us know. Our main aim is to give everyone an enjoyable days fishing in this unique & beautiful setting.

General Site Rules

Narborough Fisheries is a privately owned fishery, which is a natural environment which we do our best to maintain. We accept no responsibility for any personal accidents which may occur as a result of being on site at Narborough Fisheries. Trips, slips and other such incidents can and do occur and are generally beyond our control. Please report any such incidents at reception so they may be recorded.

We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss to equipment or vehicles which may occur whilst at Narborough Fisheries

In the interest of safe hygiene measures, and to stave off the spread of fish diseases, your landing net must be fully dry for at least 24 hours before use on our lakes. You should fully dry your net after use too, which is the most effective way of control.

• No driving on the Grass

• Parking in designated areas only

• No fires, but camping stoves allowed

• Put all rubbish and line in the litter bins

• Dogs allowed with management permission. Dogs on leads at all times, & mess cleaned up straight away

• Anyone fishing under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult

• You must be in possession of valid EA Licence

Coarse Fishery Rules (Foresters & Ashford)

• Fishing from designated swims only, do not damage trees or vegetation

• Unhooking mats to be used if fish are to be put on the ground

• No keepnets, unless allowed in matches

• Barbless hooks only

• No fish to be moved, killed or taken from the fishery

• Fish must be returned to the water as quickly and safely as possible

• No baited rods to be left unattended

• If using bite alarms, please be respectful of others and keep them turned down

• No fixed leads

Carp Lake Rules (Millers)

(These are in addition to the ones for the Coarse Lakes)

• Fishing from designated swims only, do not damage trees or vegetation

• Anglers must have a large landing net and unhooking mat

• No fixed rigs

• There are no bait rules, but all particle baits, such as seeds, nuts, peas and beans must be well soaked, well cooked and used in moderation.

Due to restrictions with our Insurance, and for general Health & Safety reasons, no one under the age of 16 can fish unaccompanied during the day, and definitely no overnight fishing whatsoever. Proof of age might be required, so please don’t be offended if asked.

Trout Fishery Rules

On all tickets, all anglers must kill their first fish up to the limit of fish allowed, only then go to catch and release.

• All Anglers must report to the lodge on arrival and before departure.

• Fly fishing only with recognised flies.

• Strictly NO feeding with pellets for encouragement.

• Catching fish for other anglers is prohibited.

• Barbless Hooks only for Catch & Release – no boobies allowed.

• Returns book to be filled in before leaving fishery.

• All Brown trout are to be returned.

• Fishing from bank only (no wading).

• No dogs allowed on the Fishery unless by prior arrangement.

• Maximum of one rod per permit. All Anglers must have a current rod licence.

• Management reserve the right to inspect tackle and bags.

• All persons at the fishery are there entirely at their own risk and the management takes no responsibility for any accident, injury, loss or damage to their property or person.

• Please abide by the country code.